Welcome to the website of Harlow's junior baseball team, Harlow Greensox.

To register your interest in Harlow Greensox, please visit the ‘Register’ page on our site.

The background to Harlow Greensox

The baseball project was the personal initiative of Mr Albert Hobdell, the former Chairman of Harlow Neighbourhood Watch who was made Honorary President of Greensox Baseball Club on January, 22nd 2012.

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch, like other Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the country, aims to harness the willingness of local people to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community. This activity helps the police and other official bodies to minimise crime and anti-social activity. There’s more about Harlow Neighbourhood Watch on the ‘Harlow Neighbourhood Watch’ page on this website.

In addition to its members acting as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, Harlow Neighbourhood Watch also aims to promote positive activities for young people in the town. So Harlow Neighbourhood Watch set up the ‘Harlow Baseball Project’, with the aim of getting young people in the area to learn and play baseball. ( Please also visit our other website: www.harlowneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk )

Help from Barclays Bank and Harlow Council

Barclays Spaces for Sports have provided us with a grant to develop baseball in Harlow that will continue into 2015. We have been supported by Harlow Council who have provided us with the lower field on the Northbrooks Recreational Ground off Harberts Road to establish a purpose built baseball ground that has a baseball back fence and a diamon for the players.

Baseball revived in Harlow in 2011

Harlow Neighbourhood Watch linked up with Southern Nationals, a premier league U.K. baseball team in 2011. Following their success at winning the UK Baseball League the name was changed to Harlow Nationals for the begining of the 2012 season.


The re-launch of Harlow Greensox

We have everything now in place to build a new ‘Harlow Greensox’ youth team during the coming year. We have equipment, kit, finances, insurance, a child protection policy, everything we can think of to make for a successful relaunch of the Greensox Youth Team.

Our projected programme from October to March, 2014 is as follows:

We will be delivering baseball sessions in the Harlow senior schools from October. To reach a wider audience we will be having indoor sessions at a central venue that is open to the public as well as utilising the baseball ground at Northbrooks, weather permitting. 

We are still requiring responsible adults to come forward and become Coaches. Again, we have our sponsors Barclays Bank to thank for the funding for this. We require a minimum of 8 adults to become Coaches and we will provide a FREE opportunity to be trained up toLevel 1 and Level 2 coaching standards. It’s a great opportunity for those who want to get a useful qualification under their belt.

Our Secretary Paul Wadley, who brings with him over 30 years of experience as a basketball player, coach and club organiser, is our co-ordinator for the Harlow Baseball Project.

For more information on the Harlow Greensox project, please visit the other pages on our website: ‘Coaching’, ‘Fixtures’ and ‘Register’.

Please direct all enquiries to Paul Wadley on Mobile 07843 912042. Or use the registration form to register your interest and Paul will contact you.

Free 2013 Kit for GreenSox Players