What is Barclays Bank involvement?
Barclays Bank has provided very generous, long term, financial support to develop a locally based Baseball Club in Harlow for the community.
What is Harlow Councils involvement?
Harlow Council has provided the ground at Northbrooks Recreational Ground to develop baseball in Harlow as it’s commitment in providing the people of Harlow with a range of diverse recreational facilities.
What is Harlow Neighbourhood’s Watch involvement?
Harlow Neighbourhood Watch is the organisation that is developing the baseball initiative in Harlow in partnership with Harlow Council.
What is BaseballSoftball UK Ltd (BSUK)?
BSUK is an organisation that develops baseball and softball in the UK by working closely with local organisations and community leaders in developing the sport throughout the country.
Who are Southern Nationals?
Southern Nationals are a senior and a very experienced UK Baseball Club.
Where do they train?
Through an agreement with Harlow Neighbourhood Watch and Harlow Council, Southern Nationals have been using the grounds at Northbrooks as their home ground since May, 2011.
What is the Greensox Baseball Club?
It is the local Harlow team under Harlow Baseball Club.
Where does the Greensox Baseball Club practice?
During the winter months, November to February, a suitable indoor venue is used for practice. Please check the Harlow Baseball Club website for details.
Where is the Greensox Baseball Club training ground?
Harlow Baseball Club oversees the Greensox Baseball Club and we have a permanent ground situated at Northbrooks Recreational Ground off Harberts Road, Harlow where Southern Nationals also train.
Who can join the Greensox Baseball Club?
We are looking for young players from the aged of 8 upwards, boys and girls, who want to develop their baseball playing skills.
Can older people join?
Yes. We are looking to develop players at all ages with a commitment to developing teams for different age groups.
Can adults come and practice?
Yes. We also require adults to come and train with the objective of forming as senior, Greensox team.
Is there a league?
In Essex there are already a number of established Baseball Clubs who are looking to form an Essex league in 2012.
Who coaches the players?
We have the expert assistance from BaseBallSoftBall UK, (BSUK) who will provide qualified coaches to train the Greensox Baseball Club players.
Can I become a coach?
Yes. We are currently looking for adults to become coaches. Harlow Baseball Club will meet the costs of the training courses and out of pocket expenses. We will always encourage our younger players to reach their full potential and in time to become coaches themselves.
Who belongs to Harlow Baseball Club?
The Greensox Baseball Club is overseen by the Harlow Baseball Club. We are looking for adults to take on a number of voluntary management positions to establish the club and to develop the club into the future. (Please use the enquiry form to register your interest and to receive further information).
Do I have to pay for my kit and equipment?
Due to the generosity of Barclays Bank we have new kit and equipment in storage. We do not envisage making a charge for any kit during 2012.
If I join the Greensox Baseball Club will there be any annual membership charges?
For 2012 it is unlikely, but we will be introducing annual membership charges from November, 2012.
Are there any other charges?
Yes. We have to make a small charge when we train indoors to meet the cost of hiring the venue. There are no charges for practice and training at the Northbrooks Ground.
Are your adults CRB checked?
Yes. Harlow Neighbourhood Watch will oversee any and all adults who come into contact with young people or vulnerable adults to ensure they have a valid CRB clearance at enhanced level.
Will the club ensure that those players who join the club will not be subject to bullying, harassment, victimisation or racial prejudice?
Harlow Baseball Club has a number of policies and procedures in place in dealing with such issues if they were to arise.
I am interested to become a player or a coach or offer my time to establish the management team for the club. What do I do next?
Please complete the enquiry form on this website and clearly indicate your interest.
How do I get my children involved?
Please use the enquiry form on this website to register your details.
What else should I do?
The website will be up-dated on a continuous basis as the baseball initiative develops in Harlow. Please keep looking for further news.
Free 2013 Kit for GreenSox Players